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    SeeSnake (render)

    SeeSnake is a collaborative project with Create Technologies Ltd (Createc), running from January 2015 to January 2016, as part of Innovate UK's competition for feasbility studies under the title: "Developing the civil nuclear supply chain".

    Decommissioning costs are impacted by the quality of data that can be captured in the planning stages of a typical project. 'What are we dealing with?' is often the first question asked by the decommissioing team. The primary challenge is to identify the location of any radiation sources. An ideal solution would be to have a complete and accurate, high resolution, 3D map of radiation overlaid on the visible contents.

    SeeSnake will be a major advance in this area as it will combine and demonstrate Createc's N-Visage radiation mapping tool with the flexibility and dexterity of snake-arm robots. The snake-arm's ability to deploy through small penetrations and navigate internal structures, allows the N-Visage tool to build up an accurate 3D map of complex environments - thus providing decommissioning teams the data they need for safe, efficient and cost effective decommissioning.

    More information coming soon.