<![CDATA[LaserSnake versus Dragon]] http://www.rchangjing.com/news/lasersnake-versus-dragon/ <![CDATA[Comment #1 by Tomas Yang]] http://www.rchangjing.com/news/lasersnake-versus-dragon/ http://www.rchangjing.com/news/lasersnake-versus-dragon/7 Wed, 9 May 2018 14:23:27 BST <![CDATA[Comment #2 by Ingo Heilmann]] http://www.rchangjing.com/news/lasersnake-versus-dragon/ we are looking for a small robot for NDE inspection (Camera with UT and/or PT ) inside a large pressure vessel. It must be capable to enter through small nozzles. For the larger bottom section (ID 2m x 20m) there's a bottom nozzle with an ID of 120mm, the upper section (ID 2m x 2m) has several ID90mm nozzles.
Please call me at your convenience.

With many regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ingo Heilmann

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