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  • Specialist brakes designed for military and nuclear robots

    OC Robotics has developed a range of specialist electro-mechanical brakes that can be used on a variety of electric motors with rear shaft extensions. Rated to hold 200mNm, the brakes have been designed to fit the profiles of very small 42 and 32mm diameter motors.
    Snake-arm robot for vehicle security inspections

    Open-frame versions are available for use in applications where overall machine housing provide sufficient environmental protection, enabling a weight-saving, while fully-enclosed, housed versions provide physical protection and aesthetics for applications where motors are visible or exposed.

    All the brakes provide a rear shaft extension to allow encoders, resolvers or tachometers to be fitted to them.

    The brakes have been used on snake-arm robots for military and nuclear applications.

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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