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    Home > Careers > Undergraduate Opportunities

    Industrial 12 Month Internship

    The industrial placement opportunities at OC Robotics provide individuals with a year of career building experience. Students studying at degree level find this particularly worthwhile as they have the opportunity to develop good practical skills that will prove invaluable throughout any engineering career.


    We are particularly looking for individuals who are currently studying, or are interested in, one or more of the following disciplines:

    • Electronic Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering

    Logical thinkers are required with a positive attitude and enthusiastic approach. Excellent organisation and communication skills are needed, and the ability to be a team player is essential.


    Filton, Bristol, BS34 7JU

    To Apply click link below:

    Electrical & Electronics Engineer - 12 Month Placement/Internship

    Mechanical Engineering - 12 Month Placement/Internship

    Application deadline:

    31st January 2019.
    It is recommended that applications are made as soon as possible, as positions are filling up quickly.